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Do you want to help your community recover from an upsetting event?

Fires, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, physical attacks, police shootings, mass shootings, hostage situations and other challenging events can create stress and trauma within a community. But it doesn't have to last.

You can get trained to bring Emotional First Aid into your community. 

What is Emotional First Aid?

Simple, holistic, self-help techniques that can help you and your community recover more quickly and easily from stressful events. They can help clear stress from the body-mind system. And they can help build resilience.

Most of these mind-body methods have no words, and are easily used by people of all ages and backgrounds. 

These techniques have been used successfully to help people throughout the world, including:

  • Communities experiencing major fires in California, USA
  • Syrian refugee camps
  • Rwandan genocide survivors
  • Shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut, USA

Your Free Training Package Includes:

  • PowerPoint presentation (with notes) you can use to share these skills with your community 
  • 2 training videos that walk you through how to use the presentation and give you great tips, including how to create successful outreach in your community 
  • Free access to videos that demonstrate each technique 
  • Free digital brochure containing a few simple Emotional First Aid techniques that you can share with your community


 Bring Emotional First Aid into Your Community 

This training has been developed by the Humanitarian Committee of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. It is part of ACEP's Resources for Resilience.

Committee members include psychologists, social workers, physicians, counselors, teachers, international relief workers and allied health professionals. Collectively, they are deeply experienced in bringing Emotional First Aid into communities experiencing stress and trauma.

Brought to you by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.