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What do you do when a client is stuck?

When they keep hitting the same roadblock

and your methods aren't working well enough?

Does it make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or like you just don’t have the right skills?

It’s not your fault.
Methods that only address the mind or emotions aren’t sufficient to help people heal.

That’s why energy psychology uses the mind and body to calm the nervous system where stress is stored and rapidly reduce trauma and anxiety.

Energy psychology combines cognitive interventions with somatic techniques that influence the human bio-energy systems to elevate wellbeing. It’s been shown to be evidenced-based, cost-effective, and empowering for clients.

This holistic method can be integrated with traditional methods to bring breakthrough results in less time and have more long-lasting results for your clients.

And to kick-off Energy Psychology Week, we’re giving you

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These on-demand free trainings provide tools you can start using with your clients, fast. (We’ll even provide ways to talk to your clients about these new methods so they’ll be open to trying them!)

Starting on August 22...

Throughout the 7 days, we'll cover topics like: 

  • What is Energy Psychology?
  • A powerful introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or "tapping")
  • An introduction to working with the chakras
  • Qiqong and how to use it to cultivate awareness
  • The science of coherence: heart, brain and earth
  • Race-based stress and trauma and what practitioners need to be aware of
  • TFT for children & adults with intellectual disabilities
  • How to use energy psychology and energy healing as emotional first aid for stress and trauma in your community
  • Plus a top-secret bonus! Sign up to see what it is!

Whether you’re a seasoned holistic practitioner or a practitioner who wants to begin learning these methods, there’s something for you. Coaches, therapists, holistic practitioners and those curious about energy healing & energy psychology are welcome!

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- Christopher K. Johannes, PhD, Program Director, Transpersonal Psychology, Akamai University

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(a $497 value FREE during Energy Psychology Week)

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Save your virtual seat now! (a $497 value FREE during Energy Psychology Week)

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